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How We Work

We provide environmentally conscious HVAC design and specifications unique to fit your project needs. 

Climatisation HVAC is all about collaboration. In this industry, it's imperative to work together across disciplines to realize the client's vision, together. We understand that HVAC systems are one integrated part of a larger whole, and our team is committed to ensuring our systems designs and specifications align with both practical and aspirational goals of the project. 

We start each project with a deep dive into the logistical needs followed by opportunities for innovation and solutions not immediately apparent. We staff our projects with vetted industry professionals guided by firm leadership throughout each phase. Drop us a note today to learn more about how our team can bring your HVAC vision to reality. 

President & Partner

Yesy Hernandez

Yesy Hernandez is the Founder & President of 

Climatisation HVAC located in Los Angeles, California. 

Born and raised in Southern California, Yesy has been surrounded by the HVAC & Mechanical industry since childhood. Inspired by her father's leadership and work ethic within his own HVAC company, it was a natural trajectory to take the knowledge she'd gained throughout her early life into adulthood and eventual career. 

She began climbing the ladder within the industry right away, wearing multiple hats and learning every nuanced detail she could, eventually earning the title of Vice President and later starting her own company, Climatisation HVAC. 

Yesy brings a new approach to the trade with a client-first approach, exceeding project goals while respecting project constraints, and with a focus toward innovative solutions that are sensitive to both environmental and economic factors. 

What We Value

Climatisation HVAC is centered on finding holistic solutions to practical problems. We do this by focusing on our core values throughout each project: Safety, Transparency, Innovation, Collaboration, Stewardship, and Follow-Through. We take a 'client-first' approach to HVAC systems design and specifications, which means we are dedicated to finding solutions that are well within your project constraints, while still pushing the envelope so that we can all learn something new on every project. We believe HVAC systems are the veins of modern building infrastructure, and it's imperative that these components are well designed, well maintained, and exceed your expectations for performance. 


Safety & Security

For our installation crews, your future maintenance crews, and your building occupants, safety and security of our systems is our number one priority. 



Transparency means outright honesty throughout all project phases. The only way we can move a project forward is if we bring all our knowledge to the table - together. 


Growth & Innovation 

Innovation goes beyond new trends in technical systems — it means finding new ways to collaborate in real time, providing opportunities for learning and knowledge sharing, or even just taking time to get to know clients inside and out.



Collaboration requires trust in our industry partners and our clients alike. We aren't afraid to get into the weeds of a project if it results in a better outcome for all. In fact, we look forward to working through the messy details with you. 



Our profession is a service to more than just our clients — we are stewards of the built environment and the climate as well. It's our job to find the best solutions that create a better, more comfortable, and more rewarding future for all. 



Our work doesn't end when a building project is complete. We believe our legacy is only as good as the solutions we provide. Our team is committed to providing you with the utmost quality experience so that the next time you need an HVAC systems solution, Climatisation is your go-to in the industry. 

Our Story

The roots of Climatisation were inspired by supportive and hard-working peers, and our firm leaders were mentored by some fo the industries top performing HVAC engineers. Working directly with clients and stakeholders early in their careers, our team was able to fine tune our unique approach to HVAC systems design and integration, and come to an understanding that collaborative efforts yield the best results, for crews and clients alike. After a decade of all that hard work, Climatisation HVAC is the direct result of long nights on the drawing board, early mornings on the project site, and everything in between. 


Now, it's time to look to the future of our industry and continue to provide solid, reliable services for our clients and push ourselves to be better professionals each and every day. Our team is constantly honing in on our skills as HVAC professionals and engineers, learning about new technologies in HVAC systems and how they provide comfort to our lives and mitigate climate impact on our planet. We look forward to continuing our legacy, one project at a time, with you. 

Meet Yesy Hernandez

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