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Meet Yesy Hernandez Interview by The Collective Rising

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The Collective Rising is a community designed to facilitate discovery, recognition and advancement for women globally. This week we get to know one of our most recent members, Yesy Hernandez and her role as owner & founder of Climatisation HVAC.


Tell Us About a Time You Showed Leadership At Work.

I am the President of the mechanical HVAC and construction company called Climatisation HVAC, located in Los Angeles, California. My job intel's from design-build to installation of air conditioning, heating & ventilation for commercial and residential projects. I play different roles in the company, from cost estimation to project management on commercial buildings, garage ventilation, residential and apartment buildings. Our workers are the foundation of our company. When they have an issue in job sites and require guidance, my foreman had a problem where he could not pass rough inspection. We worked together to find a solution, and we solved the problem using my teamwork technique.


What Are You Most Grateful For?

I am grateful for life, my family, my career, my past, my present, and my future.

What Is a Rule You Try To Live By?

Be grateful and believe that great things will happen and they will.

What Inspires You? I have admiration towards my mentors and my mother that they have INSPIRING me to go to school and receive my degree as a stationary air conditioning and heating mechanical engineer and become the woman I am today.

What is Your Favorite Phrase or Saying? Gratitude changes everything in life.


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