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Climatisation HVAC

Climatisation HVAC is a Woman-Owned and operated HVAC company invested in finding unique solutions to complex problems, with a mission to deliver top tier heating and cooling services to our clients throughout the most prestigious neighborhoods in Los Angeles. To learn more about our process, our experience, and our services, follow the links below or contact us today to schedule an introductory consultation.

Our Services



Climatisation HVAC offers a diverse range of innovative, high efficiency equipment specifications and expert installation services. Every HVAC unit installed by our team is backed by a manufacturer specific warranty, as well as a lifetime craftsmanship guarantee.


Maintenance / Service

Our team of technicians understand the importance of ongoing system maintenance to ensure the longevity of your investment. We maintain and repair commercial, residential, and multi-family HVAC systems with long-term services in mind, all while ensuring your system continues to operate within factory specifications.


Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining exceptional air quality is of the utmost importance to our core services and clients alike. Some of these services include providing top-tier Merv rated filtration systems to maintain cleanliness, indoor coil and blower assembly cleaning, and specifying ultra violet lamps to reduce the presence of harmful bacterias.


Ductwork & Ventilation 

We believe that ductwork is essentially the “veins” of your property’s integrated HVAC system, and requires unique experience and innovative solutions specific to your needs. We approach ductwork with precision and nuance, whether we are dealing with zoned ductwork, repair, sealing, additions or relocation. We understand that proper airflow directly influences system performance and the overall lifespace of your equipment. 


Accessories & More

The technological landscape is always changing, and the same goes for HVAC controls and accessories. Our team utilizes practical industry experience mixed with a commitment to understanding new trends and technologies available on the market, in order to properly specify performance enhancing items that contribute to the quality of life and service of your HVAC system. We are constantly learning and applying these new technologies with attention to longevity in the market, user interfacing, and compatibility with critical system functions.

Our Promise:

Building a Better Tomorrow

We pledge to always put the wellbeing of our community first. That means being leaders in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

With our years of experience in HVAC design and specifications, Climatisation HVAC promises to provide you with the tools for Green Efficient Systems on every project, and to assist in the reduction of carbon emissions and responsible energy consumption, so that we all have a hand in mitigating the global climate crisis, one project at a time.

Our Focus:

Areas of Expertise

Climatisation HVAC focuses on a wide variety of project types ranging from residential, multi-family, and commercial properties. We understand that each project yields its own unique constraints and opportunities, and project outcomes are influenced by a variety of factors. Learn more on how we would approach your specific project below.



Single family dwellings are all about comfort, control, flexibility, and the unique requirements of the home’s occupants. It’s important to have a holistic understanding of a residential client’s way of living as well as the technical and environmental factors that influence the HVAC needs throughout varied living spaces.


Multi Family

Multi-family development properties often have a need for modularity and flexibility to accommodate multiple comfort scenarios simultaneously. We believe multi-family projects require ease of access for maintenance crews, significant flexibility in controls for residents and property owners, and reliable equipment specifications that ensure long-term durability. 



Commercial projects are unique to the function and service they provide. We understand that commercial properties such as retail stores and other high-traffic spaces need significant scheduling assistance for staff, comfort control, and accommodation for environmental factors (outside air vs inside air). We also understand that these spaces may serve multiple tenants over a period of time, requiring ease of systems translation between varied occupants. 

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The Climatisation team is such a pleasure to work with! They are impeccable, knowledgeable, honest, and friendly.  Superb customer service and competitive pricing. The installers were just as professional and punctual.   

- Oscar Baez 

CEO Of True Vision Development Inc.

I hired on Climatisation. They took on my 14 unit project in Los Angeles and killed it! Yes, it was professional and extremely responsive during the bidding process and the job execution. Her company is my go to for now on.

- Adrian Avila 

CEO Avica Construction & Development 

I own a private gym in Northridge,  my Airconditioner was down that day within 30-minute, & technicians showed up and fixed the issue.  Climatisation HVAC was fast, reliable, & affordable. Thank you for being an excellent HVAC company!

- Ramin Zaberzadeh

CEO Exotic Image Fitness

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